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Be sure to stop in here and check on our gigs, more of which are surely coming.
Seriously, even if you already have this album, you should buy another one... cos you're gonna wear that bitch out.  It's that good.

Reviews are in:

"Brilliant and sensible songwriting"
     -Ritch Harrigan​​​​ (Gordon St.)

"Fuck that Ernie Darrah and his catchy tunes!  I can't get Apophasis out of my head!"
     -Alyssa Haynes (totally unbiased stranger that is by no means sleeping with any member of the band)​​​

"I drank what?"
     -Socrates (totally unbiased philosopher that is by no means sleeping with any member of the band)

​"We're talking about a million dollar idea here...IMPRESSIVE... Phenomenal harmonies, fresh and energetic.  Take Me Back is a toe tapping, head bobbing winner."
     -Donald Mattice, Producer/Media Mogul​​​/Adult Film Actor/Senator (I-NY)

​​"Quite possibly the greatest thing EVAR!!!"
     -Unemployed Monthly (Febtober, '13)​
The album you've been waiting for for your entire lives... even if you didn't know it...
Get our new album Are You Now or Have You Ever Been?, right here!
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